Tuesday, 17 August 2010

1st day on the Job...

So, I have finally started my new job as a field officer with the Save the Tasmanian Devil Project. I am now an employee of the Tas Government > DPIPWE (Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water, and the Environment. Pronounced Dee-pip-wee)> Resource Management and Conservation Section> Wildlife Management Branch.

I am one of 5 new field officers based between the department headquarters in Launnie and the Devil enclosures at Cressy. There is also a brand new Senior Keeper to boss us all around. Its a bit strange that our boss started the same day we did and doesn't really know much more about whats meant to be going on than we do. He does seem like he is going to be a great boss once he gets his head around the intricacies of working in the Tas government, though (his background is working for mainland zoos).

I have signed a confidentiality agreement so technically I'm not allowed to tell you anything about what I do at work. What I can tell you is that I work with Tassie Devils (Sarcophilus harrisii), that, yes, I have actually seen them, that, no, I haven't been bitten yet (although apparently this is an inevitability) and that, yes, I think I am going to enjoy it very much.

I turns out that over 60 people applied for the position of field officer, over 20 were interviewed and they employed the 5 of us. Proud of me for beating those odds? The other 4 newbies, my new boss, my other bosses, and the existing 3 keepers and field officers are all really great so I should be able to settle in and make friends. Even the secretaries and admin ladies at headquaters all seem really nice.

I have been given keys to the various buildings and gates that I need to get into and should get my security swipe card tomorrow or the next day so I am feeling very grown up and important at the moment. My car key and house key were getting lonely without all the other keys I had while I was at uni so its nice to have some more. Today we also got to go and spend ridiculous amounts of the department's money getting kitted out in all our work gear. We all got 1 pair of steel-capped boots, 2 pairs of steel-capped gummies, 2 pairs of king gee work pants, 2 king gee shirts, and a polar fleece jacket. Later on we also get a full set of waterproofs, a couple of tassie devil shirts, and some assorted other stuff. Its pretty awesome.

Anyhow, seeing as I'm not meant to be telling you anything and as I have to get up and go to work tomorrow morning (no more unemployed bum getting to sleep in) I should go.


Robert Kingston said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying it.

Hopefully you havent said too much :)

Martin said...

I suspect it's more the science and things they'd be worried about, rather than they bought me stuff and I like my job. Heck, at least it is I like my job, not I hate my job!

Robert Kingston said...

Its only day 1. If day 1 was I hate my Job, I'm not sure I'd go back for Day 2.

Martin said...

I must admit it took about a year, but ever since (and espeically recently) I hate my job! But yes, if it was that bad on day 1, you would have to wonder.