Tuesday, 12 February 2013


So, I've obviously been slack again and haven't posted in quite some time. Sorry about that, but it happens. I've been busy at work mostly, and trying hard to ignore the looming deadline of my contract running out. The deadline no longer looms, as I have been given another extension and I have a job until June. I've also been ignoring the fact that I was going to have to move house in a couple of weeks, but it looks like I may not have to worry about that either. See, problems do go away if you ignore them.

Today I've got two videos for you. The first is one that I should have posted ages ago. It was taken the day that Ronan and Tayla moved out to Cressy, and is the first few minutes of them wandering around and exploring their new home.
I've really enjoyed having Ronan and Tayla out at Cressy. I'm out there nearly every day so I've still been able to watch them grow. I am incredibly proud of the way they have both grown up. Ronan is a good kilo heavier than Tayla now, and has really chunked up. He still likes to interact with people a bit too much, but he is just really curious and inquisitive.

Last week Ronan and Tayla got split up for the first time ever. I only had a couple of days notice (typical in this job unfortunately) that Tayla was going to be sent down to our Taroona compound for pre-export quarantine and will probably be sent to one of our mainland partners in about 3 months time when her quarantine is up. I'm excited for the future that she might have, but obviously I was a little sad to pack her up and send her off. This video was taken the day before Tayla was sent to Hobart.

Ronan is doing well without his sister. We gave him a new friend, another hand-raised little girl called Preia. She's slightly smaller than him, but is pretty tough so its a good pairing. We always try and group house juvenile devils to give them someone to play with, but so far they seem to mostly be avoiding each other. I'm sure they'll be best mates soon.