Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Frontier Photo Competition

 Thank-you to everyone that gave me opinions on which photos to enter. You all agreed on two of the photos, but not the third so I chose my favourite of them. In the end, these are the three that I entered.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Frontier Photography Competition

Fronteir, the volunteer coordinators that I organised my trip to Africa through, are having a photography competition. The rules are that I can enter up to 3 photos, but they have to have been taken while I was working on the project. Only the photos I took in Namibia while I was volunteering at Naankuse are eligable (which means I can't enter some of the photos that I consider to be the most technically impressive I took while I was away), so I've picked the top 11 that I would consider entering and would appreciate your input on which 3 I should enter. Let me know in the comments.


 My Monochromatic Friend


 Cheetah Cheating Gravity


 Neuras Vineyard

 Oryx 1

Oryx 2

 Sossusvlei 1

 Sossusvlei 2