Thursday, 24 July 2014

Teddy comes to stay

So, I've been keeping myself busy with working at my new job, working as a painter/decorator for my family, and writing job applications.

My new job is boring, but kind of fun in a way. I like the fact that all you have to do is sort and count things - its strangely relaxing because it forces you to focus on what you are doing, but isn't hard or stressful. Early morning starts aren't so fun, but early afternoon finishes are nice. One of the worst aspects is finding that I want to buy most things that I am counting. In related news, I now own a rain gauge. I'm now officially an old lady who drinks cups of tea while watching Miss Marple and then goes outside to empty the rain gauge. I love it.

I have done some work painting at my brother's house and at my parents'. I'm not convinced I've been doing a very good job, but I've been trying. I think I had some weird African disease last week that made me really tired and grumpy, but when I'm feeling human I don't mind the painting work. I don't want to do it long term, but there is more work to be done at both places and I'll keep doing it unless they decide my work is too shoddy and get a professional in. The biggest problem with painting at Mum and Dad's is that my cat, Fidget, thinks that she can get involved. She had quite a lot of fun playing in the drop sheets.

Writing job applications is never fun. Thankfully, I have had another distraction to keep me from spending too much time writing selection criteria -Teddy has come to stay with me for a couple of weeks. Teddy has once before stayed with me when I was living in my sharehouse, but he's a bit shy and didn't really settle in well there. This time he has a much smaller house to adjust to and only me sharing it with him. He has settled in really well. I haven't been home much during the day, but he has been very social and affectionate in the mornings and evenings when I'm home. He has a habit of waking up at 4 or 5am and loudly demanding fish, though. I don't give him fish until I get up, but he still insists on waking me up early every morning to demand it anyway. At least that is what I think he is going on about when he meows that loudly.

Anyway, back to selection criteria. They are due in tomorrow afternoon and then I can have the weekend job application free.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

So, I did. I got a boring fill-in-time-get-a-little-bit-of-money casual stocktacking job. I'm still very much working on getting a proper job, though, which will probably be a lot more difficult.

I'm still filling in my time quite well with devil volunteering, painting my brother's bathroom, and stalking a platypus. With the other things filling in my time as well, I'm not sure I have time for a proper fulltime job.