Monday, 16 November 2015

Of Lion Kings and Wedding Dresses

I have had yet another birthday. I really should stop having them because they are starting to make me feel old. I got quite a few lovely things for my birthday, but among my favourites was a trip to Melbourne with Mum and Dad to see the Lion King Musical.

We really went to Melbourne on an expedition to buy a wedding dress, but while we were there we spoiled ourselves with lovely cafe breakfasts (and the other meals as well) and a trip to see the Lion King. The Lion King was spectacular! The costumes and puppetry were really beyond description, so I will just put this photo here instead, although no photo can do it justice either:

Note: This photo has been stolen from

Our trip was extremely successful. Not only did I have a lovely time, but I also found a wedding dress. Wedding dress shopping was actually easier than I thought it would be. I tried on 8 dresses, and one of them stood out as a winner as soon as I tried it on. I tried on a couple more after the winning dress, but I was pretty sure I had already found my dress. I was able to walk out of the shop with the dress and bring it back to Tassie with me. We had planned ahead enough to make sure that we had a spare suitcase for the dress to travel home in so everything went very smoothly. The dress only needs a couple of minor alterations to be absolutely perfect so I'm pretty happy. I won't describe it or put a photo up so you'll have to wait until the wedding to see what it looks like, but I love it.

The last couple of weeks have been all about getting the wedding invitations done. We struggled to find invitations that we liked and eventually we decided to DIY the invitations. Usually I'm all over DIY projects and I intend to do quite a lot (and have already done several) for the wedding, but the invitations were never on the list of things I wanted to craft. I found choosing the invitations to be the most stressful choice I have had to make so far, but I'm quite happy with the way they turned out so I think it was probably all worth it.

Things seem to be slowly falling into place for the wedding and I think we are on track, which is good because the wedding is now just under 3 months away.