Monday, 7 September 2015

A big week...

Well, the last week and a bit of my life has brought some big changes.

Firstly, I'm now engaged! Martin and I are getting married next summer and I have to keep reminding myself because it is taking a very long time to really sink in.

I love my beautiful sapphire and diamond ring!!!

Obviously this is very big and exciting news for us and everyone has been very excited and happy for us. My life can now consist of bouquets and tulle and bomboniere for a while which sounds like great fun.

Secondly (and slightly less importantly, but its still a big change for me), I have bought a new car. My dear Barry the Barina has been my chariot on all my adventures for 9 and a half years now, but sadly his days as my noble steed have now come to an end. After our little incident, it was going to cost enough to get him repaired that I was forced to consider my options and buying a new car was the most practical way to go. So, my new travelling companion is Henry Ford. Henry is a good little car, but it is definitely going to take me a while to build the kind of relationship with him that I had with Barry. Its going to take me a while to even manage to recognise him in the supermarket car park.