Thursday, 13 October 2011

A peck of owls

My owl cushion is finished and its awesome and I love it. See below. He's a Boobook Owl.

As I was taking photos of my cushion, I thought to myself, "why not take photos of all your owls" and as I couldn't give myself a good reason not to, here is my collection of wols. And there is a run-on sentence.

First up, these three guys are my babushka owls. They are carved wood and I bought them in Port Macquarie on our last holiday there.

This necklace was one of my first items of owllery and I still love him.

Believe it or not, this little guy is a lip gloss - chocolate flavour. But I'm going to keep him even after I finish the lipgloss.

This little ring is totally inappropriate for everyday wear (especially in my job), but I love wearing it whenever I can get away with it.

My latest aquisitions in owllery, are these adorable earings purchased in Hobart last month.

This necklace is really my only piece if owllery that is small enough and subtle enough to be worn on any normal day.

This is a cute little ornament I couldn't resist.

And this is the newest piece in my collection - a snowy owl tee from Cafe Press.

The Skull...

The other day, Christie and I were on a secret mission for work in the region of the Freycinet Peninsula and we (well, mostly Christie) stumbled upon this skull. Because I'm a birdo, Christie tasked me with identifying its erstwhile owner. After being threatened with punishments that Christie would be powerless to enforce, I did my assigned homework tonight and have come up with the answer: it was a White-Headed Petrel. It was a fairly easy id; the magnificent (and rather scary) hook in the beak told me it was a fishing bird, the white feathers gave me a clue about its colouring, and its measurements helped me narrow down the field until I only had one bird left. Of course, I could be entirely wrong, but I maintain that I'm not. So there!

P.S. This is what a White-Headed Petrel looks like when its slightly less deadified.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Vote result...

Well, you are a particularly indecisive bunch of voters, but I'm grateful that I still have some readers that are willing to vote.

I have decided to use this pattern:

But it will be on a cushion (yes, this example is one a bag not a cushion - well done, Rob), and will have some personal touches.

I'll post a photo when its done.