Monday, 11 April 2011

Photos from the Frog Pond

The famous frog pond

The famous Green and Golden Frog

Two famous Green and Golden Frogs

Unknown frog species

Of close encounters with snakes...

Yesterday, after leaving the devil compound at Cressy we were driving along when my workmate, Trev, and I both turned to each other and said "Was that a snake?". It turns out it wasnt one snake, but two copperheads mating. Trev is an old hand at snake handling and was concerned that the snakes were absentmindedly moving further and further onto the road while entwined together. We stood watch over the pair for a while to ensure that they weren't run over and when they seperated Trev moved them across safely to opposite ends of the road.

Trev with his makeshift snake handling gear (the bar from across the back of our ute that holds the cover up to prevent puddles).

One snake, two heads.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Camping in Victoria

A couple of weeks ago, Mum, Dad, Rob, and I packed up the two four wheel drives and headed over to the mainland to spend a week travelling around Victoria and trying out Dad's new camper trailer.

One of the places we camped was on the coast and, as we took a stroll along the beach after setting up camp we met this guy also strolling along the beach :)


One of the other things we got to do when we were visiting Victoria was spend some time at Healsville Santuary. Working with wildlife, the name Healsville keeps coming up again and again as the santuary has such a good reputation in the industry so I was glad to have a chance to check it out. The thing I noticed most about Healsville is the amount of space given to avaries. Of course, there were the usual amphibians, reptiles, and mammals as well, but I seem to only have taken photos of the birds. I really am turning into a birdbrain.


Wedge-tailed Eagle

Black-brested Buzzard

Barn Owl


The wetlands


Orange-bellied Parrot

Blake, the gorgeous...

The other week, my family and I took a week off to spend some time travelling and camping in Victoria. This finally gave me the opportunity to meet Blake, my best friend's 6 month old. Isnt he just gorgeous!